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Business & Industry Experience:

 Mark Dixon is currently coordinating a project for The University of Western Australia to implement a research management system based on InfoEd Global's software.

 Mark formed Anysize Software, a business which provides software development services to the Perth and international markets. Several consultants service clients such as IBM Global Services, Water Corporation, Motorola, Western Power, Alinta Gas, BOC (formerly CIG), Nestlé, Challenge Bank, and others. The fledgling group began in 1985 and grew steadily for 20 years.

 Mark's personal clients have included: IBM Global Services, Australian Institute of Mangement, Curtin Business School, Curtin Graduate School of Business, Murdoch University, Western Power, Alinta Gas, BOC Gases, Challenge Bank, Nestle, WA Department of Minerals & Energy, Robe River Mining, Platinum Technology and The Cooperative Federation of Western Australia. The IBM work involved software development and support of mainframe compiler internals. Other positions have included setting up e-business systems in Electronic Data Interchange, electronic banking systems, mainframe systems programming, telecommunications programming & support, network installation, development and support, and programming turnkey systems for business applications on PCs and networks.

 His industry experience commenced in 1976 with a programmer position at Sutherland Shire Council (Sydney) followed by Grace Brothers Stores (Sydney, now part of the Coles Myer group). This was followed by short and mid-length contract analyst programming assignments in USA, England and Germany.  Anysize was formed to provide consulting services in Australia in 1985.

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Professional Associations:

 Australian Institute of Management (FAIM)
 Australian Institute of Company Directors (GAICD)
 Association for Computing Machinery
 Association for Information Systems (ISworld)
 IEEE Computer Society
 Network and Systems Professionals Association (NaSPA)

Academic Background:

 Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), dissertation on electronic commerce for international trade finance, University of Western Australia, completed 2006
 Diploma in Research Skills and Presentation from The University of Western Australia, 2001
 Master of Business Administration (MBA), Murdoch University 1997-98
 Graduate Diploma in Business (with Distinction), Curtin University 1996
 Bachelor of Science, University of New South Wales 1976

Teaching Experience:

 Winner of Excellence in Teaching Award (Faculty) 2001
 Commendation for Excellence in Teaching Award (Unit) 2001
 Nominated for Excellence in Teaching Award (Unit) 2002
 Nominated for Excellence in Teaching Award (Innovation) 2003
 Network Management 331 (UWA 2000, 2001, 2002)
 EC203 Electronic Commerce Technologies (Curtin 1999)
 EC503 Electronic Commerce Technologies (Curtin 1999)
 C650 Applied Electronic Commerce (Murdoch 1998, 99)
 C205 Business Data Communications (Murdoch 1999)
 BP660 Business Performance (Guest only) (Curtin GSB 1997-2004)

Research Interests:

 Promoting International Trade with Electronic Commerce, specifically innovations to Letters of Credit, Bills of Lading and other traditional trade documentation.
 Promoting Electronic Commerce in Small & Medium Sized Enterprises
 Open source software for business and e-commerce
 Information Visualisation
 Co-operative business


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